Jefri Franks


Are you a healthcare professional who must deal with end of life issues with some patients?

Do you ever feel uncomfortable dealing with patients and their families on end of life issues?

Do you ever wish you had some “tools” to put into use in those end of life conversations?

Are you a professional who assists the bereaved?

Do you feel the need for more “tools” to rely upon when counseling the bereaved?


Jefri gives that personal, inside perspective of what critically ill patients and their families need.  Through her own experience she can offer assistance on how to approach end of life conversations, what to say and what not to say and how to navigate this intense, sacred territory. Through the story of her quest to build a new life after her daughter’s death, Jefri shares the coping techniques that have given her hope and resilience.

Jefri Franks, M.S., CPC  lost her daughter, Heather to cancer in 2001. Beginning in 2003 Jefri began to receive requests to speak to healthcare professionals about the journey of her daughter’s illness and ultimate death. Jefri is now a Keynote Speaker, coach and consultant on the issues of grief and loss and the journey of building resilience and hope.

Hear Jefri's latest interview in this teleseminar:

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Jefri's Book

Jefri's Book

Author of the new book, "Heather's Journey; A mother's accidental guide through loss to hope". Also author of the recently published article, "The Power of Presence", Journal of Palliative Medicine, March 2010