About Us
This is our story - a mother and daughter and their journey through love and grief.

This is who we are


Jefri Mother

Jefri Franks received her Masters in Counseling from the University of Kansas in 1985. Jefri spent 27 years in health care marketing and sales. She had her only child, Heather in 1988. In 2000 Heather was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, was treated at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri and died there on March 31, 2001.

In the years since Heather’s death Jefri has been President of the Children’s Mercy Cancer Center Board, a member of the Children’s Mercy Pediatric Advanced Comfort Care Team, a member of the Children’s Mercy End of Life Panel, an end of life volunteer for the Parent to Parent Program at Children’s Mercy and a parent advisor for the Initiative For Pediatric Palliative Care in Newton, Massachusetts. Recently, Jefri attended the International Coach Academy, receiving her certification as a life coach focusing in the areas of grief, loss and transition.

Through Keynote Speeches, panel presentations, consulting and coaching, Jefri has been invaluable to the healthcare field in her ability to articulate this very personal experience and to share lessons learned through the illness and death of her only child.

Heather Daughter

Heather Kristin Leonardi was born September 8, 1988. She enjoyed hunting, fishing, reading, drawing, writing, swimming and spending time with her group of 6 girlfriends. She loved to learn and enjoyed school. She was very strong in math, science and spatial relations.

Heather had a cat she named Rachel, a dog she named Katie and a dog named Hanna. When she was little she said she would like to be a veterinarian when she grew up. As she got older, she changed her mind and expressed interest in becoming an architect.

Notable Quotes:
“That’s sooooo annoying…….”
“We’re off like a herd of turtles”
“I’m history”
“You know, my life’s been pretty good until this cancer thing”